Wicked Awesome? Sounds About Right!

Wicked Awesome is the newly found alias of DJ/Producer Hunter Phillips. Hailing from the suburbs of Boston Massachusetts, Phillips grew up surrounded by music. At age ten, his parents bought him his first drum kit – since then he has been infatuated with percussion structure and creating new, innovative rhythms.

From there, he went on to play shows with local alternative and indie rock bands around the East Coast. Later on he began taking music theory and piano lessons, and it wasn’t until then that he developed a knack for creating melodies and general music production. In 2007, Phillips moved to Boulder to attend school at the University of Colorado.

Upon moving to Colorado, he was quickly immersed in its diverse and rapidly growing electronic music scene. In no time, he was spinning bars and house parties all around Colorado. In 2009, he teamed up with childhood friend, Tucker Wilde, to start the sample-based house duo known as Thick Chick. Phillips has recently left THiCK CHiCK, wanting to further explore different genre’s of electronic music.

Always having a strong affection for hip-hop, Wicked Awesome uses this as a base for his productions. Being strongly influenced by Colorado Glitch-Hop and UK future bass, he continues to explore connections between genres and how to make people dance.

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