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Brillz interview with The Bass Collective | May 19, 2013

BrillzQ: Why don’t you start by introducing yourself to our readers?

A: My name is Brillz. What’s up?

Q: You’re relatively new in the bass music scene. Can you tell us how you got involved?

A: I got involved through just being a fan of the music. I’ve been producing for a while. I grew up being a musician, playing in bands. I’ve always loved electronic music, synthesizers, and like video game music growing up. When I realized the power in this movement, how it is a community, and how the people who make the music and the fans are kind of connected, it was just really inspiring. I was kind of naturally drawn to it, you know?

Q: How did you come up with the name Brillz? Is there a story behind it?

A: Yeah, I had my first bunch of tunes at the studio and I invited a bunch of people over. I live in LA, so I have a lot of gay friends. In LA, everyone abbreviates everything, you know? Totally, definitely is likes totes, def. Instead of “Give me some ketchup for my bacon”, you could be like “Give me some ketch for my bakes” right? So there’s a bunch of people at the studio hanging out with one of my friends who I love, who’s definitely a
flamboyant character. I was like “So what do you think of the tunes?” and he wanted to say “That’s brilliant”, but he was like “That’s brillz”. I thought that was pretty funny, and it kind of just stuck in my head. I’m such a tortured artist in a sense, where I’m just like really harsh on myself about my own work. I thought calling the project Brillz would be a good kind of release from that, you know? It just felt right. It’s kind of like playing a joke on my own ego in a sense.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about the process behind your debut LP, TWONK?

A: Basically, it’s just being in the studio and just twonking out. Just making drums and synths and different grooves and ideas and just feeling the twonk of it all. I don’t know, there’s really not one way I approached it. I maybrillz-facebook-drug-essay start with drums, I may start with a sample, I may start with a chord progression, or I may just start with an idea in my head and figure out how to start creating that. I don’t have like just one way I approach it. That’s why it’s

Q: What is your definition of “TWONK”?

A: See, that question is what twonk means, right? It’s like we live in a culture where everyone has something to say and everyone’s trying to put their message in everyone’s face. Everyone is like obsessed with all these buzz words and slang words, like trill and twerk and all this stuff. I just kind of wanted to create a performance art with text, you know? It means different things to different people. Whoever invented it probably meant something else, you know? We started using it in everyday life, like “Oh, twonk this. Twonk that” and I just realized, I want to call this album TWONK. It doesn’t mean anything. Since it means nothing, everyone gives it their own meaning. You can’t really answer that question, because the whole point is just having fun with a word that doesn’t mean anything. It’s different because most artists are like “Here’s what I’m about” and twonk is just fucking twonk. It’s about being weird, having fun and being creative.


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