TillisP from Artifakts opening for Robotic Pirate Monkey TONIGHT

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The holiday is unfortunately over but definitely doesn’t mean that the party needs to stop. For those of you lucky enough to be in the Charleston, SC area you are definitely in for a treat. You probably haven’t heard the name yet, but William Thompson (aka TillisP) has been tearin it up and is certainly on his way up. This talented 20 year old producer from Charleston has joined forces with Garret Meyer from Newton,WI to make a cyber duo dubbed “Artifakts”. Artifakts has currently submitted one of their songs (below) into the Untz Challenge. If they win they receive a spot at four major music festivals this summer which include Electric Forest, Wakarusa, Summer Camp, and Sonic Bloom. It’s pretty clear that within the next year these two producers will be having sets at all the major festivals and you can tell people that you heard it first from Crunchy Creationz. TillisP will be gettin his crunch on tonight so do yourself a favor and check out this producer before he blows up. He will be performing at the Silver Dollar in Charleston, SC and opens for Robotic Pirate Monkey out of Boulder,CO. For more information on the event CLICK HERE. Enjoy the tunes and have a safe, tune filled weekend. Stay Crunchy ya’ll…… Artifakts FB Page      Artifakts soundcloud  http://roboticpiratemonkey.com/