The – Seven Lions – twist on DUBSTEP!

121004 seven lions The   Seven Lions   twist on DUBSTEP!

Seven Lions aka Jeff Montalvo is a 25 year old producer from California who has taken the EDM community by storm with his complex twist on DUBSTEP.  Seven Lions produces a style of dubstep that incorporates many different styles of electronic music from trance to a gypsy type beats antique sound.  His masterpieces are so complex that most of his songs progress into something you definitely weren’t expecting.  This aspect alone makes it an exciting adventure every time you hear a new track from him because YOU LITERALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHATS ABOUT TO HAPPEN.  Seven Lions followers span the globe and the numbers are growing every day, be sure you check out his new EP “Days to Come“, and all his personal sites listed below!  Hope everyone is enjoying there monday, and be sure to check back for all the latest in the Electronic Music World!  Have a Crunchy Day!