The Originator of Electronic Funk

I think it’s fair to say that Gramatik is by far the most underrated player in the Electronic Music game today. I’m not sure if everyone just gets caught up in the hype or if people just don’t take the time to sit down and listen to his music, but all of us here at Crunchy Creationz love the work that he does.

The accomplishments that Gramatik has achieved over the years are ridiculous, yet 7 of 10 people that I’ll mention Gramatik to still have no idea who he is. I believe “Does he do techno?” is the number one response that follows. Granted, I live in Sioux City where the majority of people think this kind of music is weird because they haven’t been exposed to such wizardry before, but still.

I’m only going to name 3 things that this MEGA producer has accomplished, which are the following: Signed to Pretty Lights Music, playing at BASSLIGHTS, and playing at SNOWBALL. I could literally go on for days, but I think it’s easier to just kick back and peep some of his tracks. Keep your eyes peeled for this guy making an appearance sometime soon. Enjoy!

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