The Crunchy Creationz family expands!

Hello all! My name is Dan and I’m proud to be the newest addition to the Crunchy Creationz family! Before joining the crew here, I owned my own promotion company that focused on providing unforgettable EDM shows and improving on the local Iowa music scene. In the previous few months I’ve done shows with EOTO, VibeSquaD, R/D, Opiuo, iLL.Gates, SuperVision and more. My goals remain the same and I plan on working with the team here to host even bigger AND better shows while providing valueable, relavent, and up-to-date information regarding the EDM and festival cultures.

I figured for my first post I would shed a little light on one of my favorite producers right now, Stephan Jacobs. He is nothing short of a bass mastermind from the west coast that is an original member of the headtron crew. Mr. Jacobs has had a MASSIVE 2012 including doing dates on Pretty Lights most recent tour and nation-wide runs on the Identity Festival and Church of Bass Tour with iLL.Gates. He has also put out numerous tracks over the year including the “We Wear Capes EP” with Freddy Todd and is about to release a debut full-lenth album in mid-October. Check out some of his tracks and keep an eye out for his new releases.

and again, I’m so excited to be a part of the Crunchy Creationz Team!