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Tag: electric forest 2012

BigPawzParty Putting In Work

I really wanted to wait a couple weeks until I dropped these tunes, but I have a tendency to be impatient so here it is. BigPawzParty AKA Ben Sizemore out of Oklahoma hit me up and said that he just got finished with a track that I should check out. Initially I passed it off and then I hit play and found out real quick that BigPawzParty wasn’t playin around. Trust me, give these tracks about 30 seconds or less until you pull an Office Space and start jumping to conclusions. This dudes got some serious talent and he literally just hit the scene. I’ve seriously been waiting for some tracks like this for a while and I couldn’t be more stoked to let you guys hear some Oklahoma Crunch. Give BigPawzParty a listen and I’d suggest that you follow him on souncloud because he may or may not know some people that are makin some moves. Enjoy…

Electric Forest 2012 Free Ticket Giveaway

ElectricForest Electric Forest 2012 Free Ticket Giveaway


Artifakts Electric Forest Mix Match 2012

Our guys from Artifakts have submitted another mix to win a set this summer at Electric Forest 2012. To check out their mix they submitted via mixcloud CLICK HERE.

ElectricForest2012 WebSquare Artifakts Electric Forest Mix Match 2012

STS9 returns to Electric Forest 2012

Prior to STS9 announcing that they will be performing 2 sets at the rapidly growing music festival Electric Forest, all we could do was watch youtube videos and try to get some insight on the experience and atmosphere that tribe brought to Rothbury in 2009. Once I heard the news that they would be residents in Rothbury, MI this summer, I started thinking about how EF could improve from last years festival and asked myself, “What could be better than STS9 at one of the dopest festivals of the season?” Inevitably, the answer has now become STS9 and The String Cheese Incident at EF. Now this might sound a little far fetched, but I’m going on a whim and calling it now. Tribe and Cheese will be playing on the same stage this summer, jammin out some funky, easy going summer tracks that will send super fresh vibes bouncing off the trees all throughout the forest. Just the thought of this sounds like one of those events that sets the mark for “The best show of the year”. If you’re a procrastinator like me, you more than likely haven’t bought your ticket for this event yet. Get on it peeps! GET YOUR TICKETS HERE and I’ll see you this summer in Rothbury at the forest on June 28th.       Official Electric Forest 2012EF 01 STS9 returns to Electric Forest 2012