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ill.Gate’s the most versatile producer EVER!

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ill.Gates is a Toronto-based composer, performer and educator.  He produces tracks from genre’s like bass and dubstep, all the way to glitch hop just to name a few…  He recently killed the scene on the playa at Burning man 2012 with multiple performances that left the crowd in eargasm heaven!  ill.Gate’s has produced tracks with artists like Bassnectar, Ana Sia, Samples & Datsik.  This guy is honestly the Ableton Guru, he has created multiple templates that improve not only DJ performance, but also music production within the studio.  He has multiple instructional tutorials on websites like youtube, and is also known to teach seminars while out on tour!  If you want to know anything about Ableton, this is the man to listen to!  His sounds are so unique and well put together that not one other producer can compete with his quality or efficiency within the studio.  If you have not had the pleasure of listening to him then please ENJOY, and be sure to check his tour schedule and catch the next closest one to you!

Movement is life…Thus Creating People in Motion!

“People in Motion is a documentary unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It’s an emotionally & visually stunning tour through the soul of parkour, free running, and creative movement. The filmmakers communicate an intimate understanding of the emerging philosophy behind these remarkable movements.”

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Crunchy Creationz was given the unique opportunity to interview the People in Motion team and the story behind the film is just as fascinating as the film itself!  People in Motion was directed, filmed, and edited by Cedric Dahl, the film was cast by Shane Farmer and produced by Ben Hoffman!  There were five cast members and these individuals were Brian OroscoPaul WhitecottonDavid AgajanianLonnie TisdaleJacob Siel!  People in Motion was shot at five different locations:  San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Burning Man!  You can check out more information about the cast members in the People In Motion section of our site under media!

Crunchy’s interview with People in Motion…


Live Burning Man Information Radio broadcast 4/28 @ 1pm Pacific Time!!!!

Are you a citizen of Black Rock City?  Do you call the playa your real home?  Well get ready for a short trip home this Saturday, because BMIR is going to be LIVE in San Francisco!!!!

Tune in to Burning Man Information Radio, BMIR on Saturday, April 28th starting at 1PM pacific time for a live broadcast from San Francisco. Playa favorites DISTRIKT and ROBOT HEART will be rocking Public Works all day long and BMIR/Shouting Fire will bring it to you live.  They’ll be featuring SPECIAL GUEST DJ’s from around the globe as well as your favorite DISTRIKT & RH residents.

Confirmed Lineup:
Elite Force, The Scumfrog, Marques Wyatt, Desyn Masiello, Ben Seagren, DJ Kramer, Matt Kramer, Layne Loomis, J-Rod, Paul Geddes, Darren Grayson, Worthy, Nikita, Syd Gris, Dulce Vita, Jen Woolfe, VitaminDevo, Atish Mehta, NoMe, Robb Green, Lt.D!!!

BMIR’s Jake Birnbaum, Corey Keith and Bobzilla will bring you all the action live. You can tune in by going to http://www.bmir.org/ or http://www.shoutingfire.com/

The broadcast starts at 1PM PT and goes way late……

For more event info check out the event page!