Star Slinger’s take on Hip Hop

Darren Williams aka Star Slinger is a Hip Hop producer that is based out of Manchester, UK.  Darren stepped onto the scene in 2010 after self releasing his album “Volume 1″ on the internet!  This album is amazing, my two personal favorite tracks from this album would have to be “Mornin” and “Bumpkin”. Darren brings a unique form of hip hop to the table, he is constantly incorporating so many different genre’s of music in both his own tracks and his endless remixes of other peoples. Star Slinger has definitely caught the attention of the press, The Guardian stated, “Best new act of the year by miles.” and Pitchfork Media also stated, “Combines the hyper soul sampling of Kanye West or Dipset producers Heatmakerz with a bubbling psychedelia reminiscent of J Dilla’s spacier moments.”  Star Slinger has the potential to form his own genre of Hip Hop with the heat that he’s producing!  Make sure to keep your ears locked to this guys SoundCloud because he’s constantly producing ground breaking music that’s guaranteed to leaving you with an EARGASM!  Have a Crunchy day!