Skrillex-Make It Bun Dem (ButchClancyRemix)

Butch Clancy recently made a remix of Skrillex – Make It Bun Dem, and planned on entering it into the Beatport contest. Turns out that plans tend to change and Mr. Clancy decided to throw it up on his Soundcloud for free download as a thank you to all his fans for the support. About a year ago, I’d ask people if they’ve heard of Butch Clancy, and a majority of the responses that I would get were “Butch Clancy?”. The question has now turned into “What Butch show are you guys planning on going to?”. Right before our eyes we are witnessing what hard work and dedication can lead to if you set your mind to what you are doing and stay focused. Only a couple months ago, Butch had 0 dates booked. As of today, he has 13+ dates locked in for his fall tour. Big ups to Butch Clancy and congrats on hitting the 30,000 Facebook likes. Enjoy the fresh track.

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