Rygol joins the Crunchy Team!

Crunchy Creationz is excited to announce that Rygol will be joining our team!  Matthew Rygol aka “Rygol” is a producer/DJ out of Omaha, NE who recently dropped his Pierced Dimension EP on beatport with Illuzion Records.  Rygol brings a new vibe to the glitch hop/bass scene with his unique melodic beats that are layered on top of heavy bass lines to form banging masterpieces!

6911487 Rygol joins the Crunchy Team!

Rygol exists within the fast expanding Electronic Music Realm where his BASS is a predominate aspect of each and every song.  Since starting out, Rygol has produced, mastered, and released a multitude of tracks on Soundcloud…  Out of those tracks, 4 have been blogged on GlitchHop.Net, and 4 have been released per contract through Illuzion Records – making his tracks available to listeners on Beatport, Itunes, Spotify and other avenues.  With inspiration from artists like Derek Vincent Smith (founder of Pretty Lights Music) and Tigran Mimosa (Mimosa), Rygol enjoys toying with the emotion of bass and stretching its infinite boundaries.

Untitled Rygol joins the Crunchy Team!

After hearing Rygol live it was a no brainer for Crunchy Creationz to pick up this young talented producer/DJ and make the journey through the Electronic Music Realm together!  There is no predictable outcome for Rygol because the possibilities are endless, but stick around and you’ll be sure to enjoy the thrill and suspense of this talented producer’s musical journey.