Roster McCabe brings more then just MUSIC.

Roster McCabe is an Electronic Rock band that got its beginnings from Minneapolis Minnesota in 2006.  The group is composed of Alex Steele (vocals, keyboards), Michael Daum (Lead Guitar), Drew Preiner (Guitars, Synths, Vocals), Jeff Peterson (Drums, Vocals), Scott Muellenberg (Bass, Vocals). They bring more then just music to their performances… They bring SOUL.  They bring an energy that creates an aura at each venue that is indescribable.  My way of describing them would be to mix sound tribe’s rhythm and beats with soulful vocals.  They have multiple albums which include: The Rhythm/The Elements (2007), Live at the Cabooze (2008), Through Space & Time (2010), Live at the Cabooze Vol. II (2011).  Not only do these guys play all original tracks, but they also throw in classics with their own twist, my favorite is Kashmir by Led Zeppelin.  Roster McCabe is currently making their way through the Midwest on tour, Crunchy Creationz highly recommends checking them out if they are anywhere remotely close to you!  Check out their tour dates HERE.  Make sure to check out these guys personal pages and give them a like on Facebook!  Stay crunchy everyone and ENJOY!