Pretty Lights @ Westfair Amphitheater 8.25.2012 | Review

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This was my first time seeing a show at the Westfair Amphitheater, so of course I was skeptical of how this event was going to turn out. The first thing that made me a fan was that security (or lack thereof), was very chill. Literally no pat downs were administered, which made the line going in move fast, and also gave people peace of mind knowing that they weren’t going to have their crotch violated. It was clearly evident that the event staff was there to keep the peace and help people in need, which made the atmosphere and vibe very smooth.

The layout was perfect for this size of event. Right when you pass through security you had porta potties on the right, beer garden to the left, and stage directly ahead of you. The walk was very short, which allowed everyone to save their energy to rage. The natural lay of the land allowed every spot in the house to be an ideal place to post up, depending on your mood. The stage was visually accessible and appealing from literally every angel at the venue. The vibe was almost that of a festival, which also made the mood super chill. The entire time I was there, I never got lost, had trouble finding friends/beer/water/bathrooms, or had the fear of being arrested for having “glowsticks”, etc. Peace of mind was key.

As far as the performers are concerned, I feel as if they had an ideal lineup. We arrived at the venue at about 8-8:30 and Paul Basic was already in the middle of his set. The sun was still up and gave us plenty of light and time to figure out where everyone was at, grab a beer, and lock down a spot. The timing was pretty much dead on. Big Gigantic came on just as the crowd was getting settled in and about 15 minutes before it got dark.

Big G’s set started just as I had imagined it would have. Their first (4) songs were some of their older hits, which got the crowd going and engaged the rage face. After they dropped “I Need A Dollar”, they switched gears and threw me for a loop. All of a sudden I felt like I had transported to a super dirty, grimey, dubstep show. The reason I felt that way was because Big Gigantic keeps it filthy. Their set was one of the most versatile and unique sets that I’ve ever seen, and gave me a new understanding of “Musical Journey”. It was clear that Big G is holding NOTHING back on this Uprising Tour. I was very impressed with this performance.

After everyone caught their breath after Big Gigantic’s performance, the countdown began for Pretty Lights to take the stage. Literally. As soon as the clock hit about 10 seconds, the entire crowd started in a “Pretty Lights” chant, which 314972 10101006862945529 769826626 n 300x225 Pretty Lights @ Westfair Amphitheater 8.25.2012 | Reviewhyped the vibe and meshed perfectly as Derek Vincent Smith ran on stage and dropped his first track. Right out of the gate, Pretty Lights kept the adrenaline going and didn’t skip a beat from where Big G left off.

I was trying to figure out why I was not as impressed with Pretty Lights’ set, as I was with Big G’s. The answer is predictability. I knew exactly what to expect from PLM, which was a clean, professional rager. Pretty Lights has raised the bar so high that he has given his fans reassurance when buying tickets for his shows. It’s pretty much guaranteed that you will get the sickest, most professional show possible, which makes it well worth the price. This is expected of a Pretty Lights performance. So yes, his set was predictable. His stage setup was predictable. The atmosphere was predictable. All these things are good though. Point being, you know exactly what you are paying for. The only thing that was different from the last Pretty Lights show is that the bar has been raised a tad higher than the last. The performance gets fine tuned after every event, and their crew keeps it fresh time and time again.

Would I suggest seeing Pretty Lights on his Illumination Tour this year? Of course. Would I suggest seeing Big G on their Uprising Tour? Without a doubt. The Electronic Music industry has redefined concert expectations and is bringing the world together with its “universal” genre. Pretty Lights and Big Gigantic are at the top and I will guarantee it will be money well spent. Never before have I been to a concert where the type of music being played does not define you as a person and place general stereotypes on your personality. The atmosphere is surreal and the memories will be engraved in your brain after you attend one of these shows and see what it’s all about. These events truly define “living in the moment”. That being said, Pretty Lights w/ Big Gigantic at the Westfair Amphitheater gets a 5/5 star review.