Polish Ambassador hits the PLAYA!

Among the many amazing DJ’s and producers that will be performing and showcasing their talents at Black Rock City, I can honestly say the Polish Ambassador is going to be one of my favorites.  His style is so unique and other worldly that you can’t compare him to any other people.  Given that Burning Man is its own world in itself, the Polish Ambassador’s style will coincide perfectly with the culture and citizens.  Crunchy Creationz is going to Burning Man 2012, we will be located @ 3:30 & Dandelion with “The Resistance” camp, so make sure you stop by for stickers!  Everyone Enjoy!

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“The Polish Ambassador is a beat machine from the future. Hailing simultaneously from the far reaches of other dimensional Universes and… Oakland, California, this dude drops his own unique blend of electro-funked, glitch-tweaked, wobble-freaked breakbeats that will have you dropping that bottom like it was 92…..3092, that is.The Ambassador builds all of his live sets from a monstrous stash of original drums, bass, synth, and vox lines. “No Genre Left Behind,” Sugalski jokes as he blends elements of funk, glitch, idm, hip hop, 80s music, jungle, and dub into a beat soup that will instigate healthy doses of booty shake and fist pump. 

Claiming to be Poland’s ambassador to the Universe, Sugalski has released 5 studio albums, all independently. Diplomatic Immunity in 2007, The Phantasmal Farm in 2008, I Found Him. Now I Must Kill Him in 2009, Mating Season (released under the Ample Mammal alias) and First Words in 2010. All 5 albums have obtained favorable press and achieved regular rotation on college, independent, and internet radio.

Synthesizers and a pure spirit are his primary weapons. Join his army and help Polish annihilate bad beats marring the earth with shame and disgrace.”  (Facebook info)