Movement is life…Thus Creating People in Motion!

“People in Motion is a documentary unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It’s an emotionally & visually stunning tour through the soul of parkour, free running, and creative movement. The filmmakers communicate an intimate understanding of the emerging philosophy behind these remarkable movements.”

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Crunchy Creationz was given the unique opportunity to interview the People in Motion team and the story behind the film is just as fascinating as the film itself!  People in Motion was directed, filmed, and edited by Cedric Dahl, the film was cast by Shane Farmer and produced by Ben Hoffman!  There were five cast members and these individuals were Brian OroscoPaul WhitecottonDavid AgajanianLonnie TisdaleJacob Siel!  People in Motion was shot at five different locations:  San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Burning Man!  You can check out more information about the cast members in the People In Motion section of our site under media!

Crunchy’s interview with People in Motion…

Q.  What was the reason for creating the film People in Motion?

  • We live in an amazing time, almost anything we want, we can have.  But something is missing.  This film started as an investigation to discover what drives people, on the way we discovered parkour & it changed our lives.  After that we decided to focus on film on exploring the powerful philosophies behind the movement. 
Q.  How did you guys come up with the name People in Motion?
  • It was inspired by a Stephen Hawking quote, “Movement is life…”  So many people are sitting still these days, it’s easy to have a sedentary life style.   We wanted to inspire people to live & the first step to living, is moving.
Q.  How long did it take to create, and were there any set backs?
  • It took exactly 1 year to make People in Motion.  From the day this project was funded on Kickstarter, it took exactly 365 days of filming, editing, & adventuring to make this film. 
  • There were all sorts of crazy set backs during production.  Here’s one that sticks out; our ride to Burning man showed up 3 DAYS late.  Not 2 hours late, not 24 house late, 3 DAYS late.  But we got through it, made it to Burning Man, had a great time & got great footage. 
Q.  At what point in your life did you decide you wanted to not be the person watching the video, but actually the ones creating the videos?
  • Camera’s have always been fascinating. It’s an incredible concept, you point a box at  something & as life unfolds before your eyes its captured in the little box… AMAZING! Growing up we didn’t have much money so I’d borrow friends cameras, borrow school cameras, I’d do whatever I could to film.  It’s been immensely rewarding to make this film, it’s something the entire cast & crew have been wanting to do for a looooong time. 
Q.  What is your goal for this film, and any messages you want watchers to take from it?
  • We hope to inspire people to move.  When we’re little kids it comes so naturally; the ground becomes hot lava & we use our creativity to overcome that obstacle.  Somewhere on the path to growing up we forget the world can be a magical place.  We hope this film reminds people they have the power to re-architect their reality, a wall can be more than a wall, if you’re ready to imagine it into something else & use your creativity to navigate it. 
Q.  Are there any other films we can expect in the near future?
  • We hope so!  This film was funded & produced by the Nerditorium, which is committed to making visually & emotionally compelling documentaries.  As long as the Nerditorium is around we’ll keep filming. 
Q.  In the film People in Motion there is a part at Burning man, did you enjoy your time there?
  • Burning man is amazing, it’s unlike any other experience you’ll ever have… ever.  You’re in the middle of the dessert with 50,000 other people, most of them strangers… and they all treat you like family.  Words just can’t do the experience justice. If anyone reading this is thinking about attending, GO! Experience Burning man, it’ll change your life forever!