Michal Menert of PLM drops 27 Track Album

Pretty Lights Music continues to stay on top of the electronic music world with their dynamic group of artists and most importantly their FREE MUSIC. Colorado-based artist Michal Menert finally got back in the game today after a long awaited 1.5 year spread since his last album release of “Dreaming Of A Bigger Life”. This brand new album dubbed “Even If It Isn’t Right”, was named accordingly as earlier today the download didn’t work so “Right”, was taken off the website, and then put back up shortly after. After I finally started downloading the album I was wondering why it was taking so long. I then realized that Menert decided to go above and beyond when I saw that 27 tracks had been downloaded. Initially, I was expecting the album to be dramatic, upbeat and intense due to the fact that Menert hadn’t dropped anything in such a long time. After about track 3, I then felt my anxieties slowly slip away as his tracks all continued to be super chill and relaxing. In an interview with trustthebrain.com, Menert admits it took so long to launch this album because he’s creating something that brings back the idea of an actual album.“I’m trying to make something that has a purpose behind it… an intent… a place that I want to take people emotionally rather than just energy wise.” This explains his new album perfectly. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, take a listen here and you can get a little more insight on how much time, effort and emotion that was put into this. Way to keep it fresh PLM and Michal Menert. Visit prettylightsmusic.com for the FREE DOWNLOAD. 

01 Hi

02 The Same Disease

03 Cassiopeia

04 The Golden Rule

05 Take All You Want To

06 Out of This World (Co-Produced by SuperVision)

07 In the Clouds

08 Solar Overdrive (Co-Produced by Derek VanScoten)

09 The Keep On (Co-Produced by Paul Basic)

10 Words Unspoken

11 Drift By (Co-Produced by Outlet)

12 The Wind and the Walls

13 Please

14 Bloodletting

15 Exodus

16 The Ride

17 Heart Chase Summer

18 Sky City

19 Still Dreaming

20 A New Beginning

21 Winter's End

22 Remember (Co-Produced by Derek VanScoten)

23 Circuit Whispers

24 Until I'm Found

25 Forget

26 New Heights

27 After the Rain