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Inside The Brain of the Robotic Pirate Monkey…


Q: First off, tell us a little about yourselves. Are all three of you originally from Boulder? Did you guys play instruments growing up? How did you guys all meet?

A: We’re all from different places in the US. Hathaway’s from Vermont, Flesher’s from Ohio, and Berryhill’s from California. We all grew up freestyle skiing, which at the time was a very small, tightly knit community. Hath and Flesh knew each other in high school through the same freestyle skiing program, while Berryhill knew a lot of the kids Hath grew up skiing with in New Hampshire. Music-wise, Berryhill taught himself guitar and took piano lessons while he was growing up and was in a number of bands. Flesher and Hathaway had played instruments in school growing up, but nothing that lasted to HS or College.

Q: When did you guys start getting into electronic music? What kind of equipment do you guys use?

A: It was the Boulder influences that pushed all three of us to electronic music. As far as equipment goes, it keeps changing as the LIVE set grows. Right now, we run with 1 MacBook Pro, 3 MPD 24’s, and 2 iPads.

Q: Who has influenced you all the most as far as music production is concerned? How do you guys stay motivated? Who are your favorite artists?

A: Deadmau5, Bassnectar, n Pretty Lights are probably the 3 main influences. The mau5 has an awesome live setup, and Bassnectar and PL make some great tunes. We stay motivated through working together, constantly learning new things to teach to the other two members. Favorite artists right now would have to be SOJA, Anvil Smith, Cry Wolf, Sun Squabi, Ill-mannered, Tayyib Ali, TYR, Wicked Awesome are a few of the faves right now..

Q: Give us some insights on how each of you specifically contributes to the group and what roles all of you play. Does each one of you have specific roles or do you guys all do your own thing and then collaborate on the same track?

A: It changes from time to time. Normally, one of us will start up a track, let it marinate for a bit, then another one of us will roll in and throw down on a variation of the same track to generate ideas. Berryhill will normally mix down the choon, then we’ll send it to our great friend and mastering engineer, Nick Lucini from Ze Sound Suite.

Q: Describe your sound. We’re looking for something other than “Electronic”.

A: Sample based, futuristic rock-hop.

Q: You guys are playing at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater this fall with Savoy and Modestep. Are you guys nervous? Excited? Got something up your sleeves that we should look out for?! Tell us how you guys are preparing for the big night.

A: Super Excited! We really haven’t started preparing for it though. We don’t normally prepare sets for events because our live setup is so versatile. We generally figure out what to play first right before we go on.

Q: Robotic Pirate Monkey has been popping up everywhere lately and you will be performing at some big festivals this summer. What festival are you guys looking forward to the most and why?

A: Sterreoterra in Michigan and Sonic Bloom in Colorado are going to be REALLY fun. Sterreoterra because we’ve heard that people like to get FUNKY up north, and Sonic Bloom because of how close it is to home.. It’s also on the way to our normal ski spot, which makes us all stoked!

Q: Besides music production, how do you guys stay entertained?

A: Recently, we’ve gotten really into skating mini ramp. There’s one right behind our house which lets us break up long sessions with quick skate breaks. Get the blood n steez floowwwin

Q: How do you guys go about choosing the remixes that you guys do?

A: It ultimately depends on the track and its capacity to be remixed. Some tracks are easier to work with than others. We like to choose those nostalgic tracks that people might not have heard in a while.

Q: You recently announced that you will be performing a set at Stereoterra, which we are all super pumped for. If you look at the very bottom of the list the group “Artifakts” will be doing a set as well. One of the members (TillisP) opened for you guys on 4/20 and I was curious, what advice do you have for up and coming producers trying to make it on the scene?

A: Keep grindin!! Never be scared to try something new because you never know what you’ll learn.

Q: I must admit fellas, originally being from Iowa I had not heard of you guys until about a year ago. The last couple months a lot of people in my network have been asking me if I’ve heard of Robotic Pirate Monkey out of Boulder. Clearly, you guys are making waves across the nation in a positive way. Now tell us, what are some of your goals and what’s next on the agenda for Robotic Pirate Monkey?

A: We want to change the game with regards to the LIVE Electronic performance.

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