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FTampa making dreams a REALITY!

Crunchy Creationz was given the opportunity to do an interview with FTampa who is a native of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  His english may not be 100% perfect, but the music he produces sure is!  FTampa is taking over the Electronic Music scene with his one of a kind heart pounding, bass jacking, non-stop dancing sound!  Be sure to check back with our site to keep updated with this amazing musicians career!  You can also check out FTampa’s other personal sites here –>  SOUNDCLOUD, FACEBOOK

Q: When did you decide that music was the way you were going to make your living?

A: Since I was 13 years old. Some friends started to play and I was like “why not?” and
then I started to learn keyboards and get crazy with music.

Q: What is the music scene like in Brazil? What kind of music is popular down there
right now? And how has it progressed from when you started your career?

A: I think Brazil have one of the most impressive electronic music scenes in the world.
Every kind of music is growing here. Progressive Trance is one that people really love,
but have space for every style.

Q: How did you feel after winning the Dada Life remix contest? Was it a huge step in
your musical career?

A: To be honest it made me more visible, but nothing like “changed my life”. My career
is the result of hard work and lots of study. Well, win something is always awesome
specially if you won against lot of big names.

Q: What are some of this big international artists you have worked with? Who was your
favorite to work with?

A: I do lot of collabs. I love it and will always make music with people that I like. I like
a lot to work with Hugo (Darth & Vader) Eduardo and Marcus (Dirtyloud), Pedro (Alex
Mind) and Lucas Silveira (SIRsir). All of they are pretty talented guys. It’s always

Q: Do you plan on doing any tours through the US? If so, when?

A: Yes actually I’m finishing my work visa petition and I’ll start to make lot of shows out
there. I had a tour before and can’t wait to come back.

Q: What venue has been your favorite to perform at? Why?

A: A venue in Portland. Portland were the first city that I played outside Brazil and its
impressive. Everyone jumping like hell. This will be always in my memory.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years as a producer/DJ?

A: I hope playing in all the world and making people happy.

Q: How do you decide what music to incorporate into your sets? Do you play multiple

A: I play all genres of music doesn’t matter what. I love MUSIC and not only a style. If I
listen to some music and it makes me feel good, for sure I’ll play.

Q: What is one thing most FTampa fans don’t know about you?

A: I played in a emo band before start to make electronic music! hahaha.

Q: Do you have any current EP’s or big time remixes in the works? When can we
expect to hear them?

A: I stopped to make remixes at the moment because I’m too focus on my original stuff
right now. Actually I have some original works coming and I can’t wait to show all you

Q: Are there any festivals you would like to play at in the future? If so, which ones?

A: Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland. Hope next year ;)

Q: What do you think about Crunchy Creationz?

A: Its a awesome idea and I loved talk with you guys. Thank you so much for this
opportunity, sorry by my english


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