LabRat – Strange Nights EP out June 11th!

We at Crunchy Creationz were given the opportunity to hear and review LabRat’s Strange Nights EP before the highly anticipated drop date (June 11th, 2013).  But, before we share our thoughts with you, lets give you a little background information on LabRat himself:

“24-year-old, Santa Cruz-based dubstep artist Travis Egner Williams produces melodically infused dance floor bangers under the persona LabRat. He exploded onto the EDM scene in 2010 with his bootleg of The XX track Crystalized which was featured on many top YouTube channels around the world. Word spread quickly about LabRat’s unique drops and synths. In 2011 he was picked up by GruntWorthy Music where he released his debut EP “Test Subject”, receiving much critical praise. Working off the release hype LabRat had a great 2012 rocking the Emission Festival and other underground festivals in and around the San Francisco Bay Area featuring his face slaying bass. Online, LabRat’s popularity has gone viral. Hundreds of new fans join the base each month. He is regularly featured on top blogs such as The Untz, and TheDubstepChannel.”  (Facebook fan page)

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Now to our review of the Strange Nights EP!  One of the biggest things we notice about artists these days is that they get stuck on a certain sound, always making songs of the same style and sound with very little versatility within the track itself.  This EP however has got a nice variety of styles not only within the EP but also within each individual track.  LabRat’s – Strange Nights EP has a little something for everyone to get down to.  There’s a track for those of you who love the more laid back feel, with a nice, recognizable melody.  There’s a track for those of you who prefer more of an intense, ready to rage type feel (Crunchy Creationz).  There’s a track that you could totally hear playing on the court of a street basketball game, and also a track that makes you wonder why they haven’t been playing it in the clubs yet.  LabRat went ahead and provided you with an assortment of styles for which ever mood/style you’re feeling at the time, while maintaining that LabRat BASS vibe your accustomed too.  The production quality of each track is phenomenal, and the EP as a whole surpasses the hype by a long shot.  MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT THE EP!  Crunchy Creationz is grateful to be given this opportunity and we hope everyone out there enjoys the EP as much as we did!


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