JaY WikiD’s fresh STYLE!

JaY WikiD brings a fresh style of music to our ears that sounds as if he picked up some skillz from the bass king BASSNECTAR. Well thats not any surprise since Bassnectar named JaY WikiD his protege years back.  JaY and Bassnectar first collaborated on “Select Frequency”, and it was the #1 Hip Hop track on Beatport for over 3 weeks and subsequently licensed to MTV, where it continues to rack up international plays. This Canadian producer has also worked with big names like Opiuo, Subvert, Ill-Esha, Glitchy And Scratchy, and Jantsen to name a few.  “His enthusiasm immediately ignites any dancefloor – watch him throb and bob, energetically dancing along with his crowd, as he twists and warps his wompy style productions. Whatever genre he’s playing, you can count on Jay to keep it squishy, glitchy and sexy all at the same time.” (Soundcloud Bio)  JaY WikiD played a set at the 2011 Shambhala that blew people away and that will definitely not be the last time he annihilates a set!  Be sure to follow JaY WikiD and his music career because he is doing things that are guaranteed to deliver 100% eargasm’s! Stay Crunchy!