Iowa City experiences EOTO & Crizzly!

The timing is exact and the creativity unparallel, there are no acts akin to EOTO. The duo of longtime String Cheese rockers Michael Travis and Jason Hann consistently blend improvisational sounds with powerful ease. I’m not referring to the 100,000 watt bass amps either; they entrance audiences 150+ times a year while circumnavigating the festival world each summer without ever losing an edge. Equipped with masterful knowledge in music theory and polyrhythmic designs, these artists are a prototype for the future of jamtronica.

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An unexpected confluence in musical tastes is a result of their individual influences. Their soundscape mixes elements of dub, trance, EDM, reggae, funk, classic and synth rock to form a truly sophisticated track. However separate the backgrounds; chemistry between them is undeniable as their entire resonance reflects it. From seamless breaks to interlocking rhythms, EOTO attains a level of jam unseen in most acts. Moreover, they have an uncanny ability to control the atmosphere of the room with a vibe that is sure to get crowds of any genre grooving.

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Albeit somewhat overlooked by the euphoric crowds sure to be at every EOTO show is the incredible amount of preparation by light and sound technicians required to achieve such jubilation. Superimposing and animating Crizzly’s bear logo in a matter of hours is only a taste of what light show master Zebbler is capable of achieving. This innovator is developing phenomenal displays which continue to surprise all specters, there’s no telling what he may do next. Not to be forgotten is prodigy Crizzly who has quite an impressive resume at 21, earning bids with huge acts as well as selling out his own gigs across the country. In addition to these feats, he is playing at prestigious events like Van’s warped tour and Camp Bisco this summer.

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EOTO boasts a breadth in styles that have gained them great notoriety circa festi-goers. This recognition is a testament to their originality, putting on performances that guarantee anybody a memorable experience. Their impressive tour schedule has included a plethora of budding festivals from Infrasound in Minnesota to Envision in Costa Rica and recently a series of big shows heading into the summer. It’s nothing new though; they have been blowing away audience’s minds for almost 6 years. This unpredictable show continues to evolve, but what’s next? Only time will tell. Until then look for these guys at whatever festivals you attend.  Written by:  Adam “Grizzly” Epstein

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