Hypha’s “Whispers”

hypha Hyphas Whispers

Hypha /ˈhīfə/ : a thread that branches from germinated spores into a complicated, radically expanding network of fine tubes which form the structural parts of the body of a fungus, collectively known as the mycelium.

Aptly named Producer / instrumentalist Hypha has branched off from the norm to develop one of the most unique sounds fueling the west coast bass revolution. Hypha has been carefully crafting his skills and contributing to the evolution of modern sound with his specialized blend of synthesized, rhythmic bass poetry since 2008. With his exceptional attention to detail and his ability to make each note count, he’s heralding a new artistic avant-garde.

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hypha whispers ep cover smaller Hyphas Whispers

Hypha comes fully loaded with his newest EP “Whispers”. Embodying full flavored frequencies he drifts us deep into the subterranean realms of thought and glitch hoppin, body beamin, soul quenchin, multi-movement fusion. 50 shades of future bass slither through Whisper’s sounds, a truly savory audio seduction.