GRiZ the new Pretty Lights?


griz GRiZ the new Pretty Lights?GRiZ, the 21 year old producer from Detroit, has been popping up everywhere recently. When I first heard his track “Where’s the love” , I automatically assumed that it was Pretty Lights. That definitely was not the case! The more I listened to his music and the more tracks I heard I realized that this new, young music sensation is bringing way more funk and vibrance to the table than Pretty Lights’ Derek Smith. After hearing that Pretty Lights will not be playing any sets this year at Electric Forest I was disappointed, that is until I found out that GRiz will be making an appearance! I hate to say it, but Pretty Lights watch out!! If you don’t step your game up and start putting out some fresh tracks you might end up in the shadows of a more fresh and funky “GRiZ”!