Graffiti street creationz coming soon to CRUNCHY!

Crunchy Creationz is happy to announce that we will soon be featuring the amazing street art called “Graffiti”!  This art will be located under the “The Gallery” in a new section called “Street Tagz“.  Graffiti has always been such a fascinating form of art because you have artists creating crazy, massive, mind boggling pieces over night!  The artists risk criminal penalties for simply wanting to artistically express their Crunchy mindset! The Global Graffiti Documentary “Bomb It” is an international film produced by award-winning director Jon Reiss and came out in 2007!  It was filmed on five continents and features cities all the way from Paris to Cape Town.  The documentary goes inside the world of the graffiti movement, but also explores the new “Quality of Life” laws and there fight for the control over public space.  This film is amazing and we have posted the entire thing for you HERE!  Below you can watch the trailer so you can get the scoop on this amazing art that is often wrongly associated with crime!