Global Dub Festival Review

Red Rocks Amphitheater hosted this years Global Dub Festival last night in Morrison, CO. The festival was almost like a roller coaster of intensity throughout the night. Canadian native “Downlink” made sure the sold out amphitheater was awake when he brought his super heavy bass and dirty, grimey style right off the bat. Datsik came along soon after and didn’t quite make the powerful statement that Downlink did. I’d say Datsik’s set was “predictable”. Highly anticipated UK performer “Doctor P” threw it down like a boss. The confidence and skill that he showed was rather impressive, and the bass that he sent out literally took your breath away. “Thank you Red Rocks . . . . changed my life tonight” is what Flux Pavilion posted soon after he performed. His set, in my opinion, was “OK”. Don’t get me wrong, he threw down super hard as his set included some of his hits “I Can’t Stop”,”Bass Cannon”,”Louder”, and “Daydreamer”. The only things that I didn’t like was that Flux played 3 songs that Doctor P played and some of his new tracks were almost trancy and monotonous with no big drops. Towards the end of his set I made the climb to the top of Red Rocks and couldn’t help but smile as I overlooked 10,000 raging fans, the Denver skyline, and Flux Pavilion while he dropped “Haunt You”. Overall, I feel like the festival was put together very well, but I thought Flux went away from the theme “Dub” with some of the tracks that he played. The expericence was unreplicable and for that reason I give it a 4 out of 5.