Freeze Tag – “Tidal Wave (DJ Self Help remix)”

Product of a cultural upbringing, the self taught multi-instrumentalist spent his middle + high school days in & out of screamo & post-hardcore bands, later discovering & being exposed to jazz, soul, hip hop, electronic music, + more obscure sounds in college. Ward began crafting music as Freeze-Tag in May of 2011 upon completion of college, & debuted his project with dance based single “Tidal Wave” in September 2011. Simultaneously giving himself & the world a birthday present, his debut EP WLDFLWR_HNY was released on his birthday in January 2012 (still FREE on Bandcamp), garnering early buzz locally, nationally, + internationally. Freeze-Tag solidified his sound & building buzz with the release of ambient/post hip-hop hybrid single “Eskimo” in July 2012.

With a focus on the unification of visual art & music, the artist remains deeply rooted in the realm of fine art & art history, with a great appreciation & admiration for such visionaries as Warhol, Matisse, Basquiat, Rothko, Van Gogh, & Rousseau. Influenced by a large range of electronic, soul, hip-hop, & avant-garde music, Freeze-Tag continues to pursue honest artistic expression & spread his dubbed “prisma-chromatic”, futuristic soul sound. The Midwest artist masterfully combines light electronics with sensual R&B flavors.

self help stamp Freeze Tag   Tidal Wave (DJ Self Help remix)