Flying Lotus NEW Album: Until the Quiet Comes

627 Flying Lotus NEW Album: Until the Quiet Comes

When it comes to the genius known as flying lotus, nothing about the music is ordinary. His Latest release, Until the Quiet Comes, stays true to what us fans have come to appreciate and expect from him. Errie (or even happy) soundscapes, mixed with glitched-out-jazzy drums, sci-fi samples, and beautiful melodies combine to create one of the most unique albums of 2012. Flying lotus is a genuine artist with his songs and his skills become obvious while listen to any of his work carefully. His music takes listeners on a long, deep exploration that is almost meditative. After listening to the album front to back, its hard not to ask yourself “…was I just dreaming?” A lot of sections in the album are very jazz-oriented with intricate drum parts and instrumental melodies that are precisely crafted. Compared to his other work, it seems flying lotus has been experimenting with using less sounds than before. While older flying lotus had new sound after new sound, this album focuses more on the simplicity of each element.

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