Fire is key at Festivals!

Fire Dancing Peurto Vallarta by fireguy Fire is key at Festivals!
Every show is amazing, but what sets festivals apart from shows? In my opinion it is the extra effort and all the little details that go towards enhancing you “EXPERIENCE”.  Yes…There are some shows that are the exception to this statement, but 9 out of 10 times a festival is always going to be a better experience!  One key component that always enhances my experiences at festivals is the element of FIRE, specifically FIRE DANCING! Fire alone has the ability to captivate people, and when you add MUSIC + Festival Citizens + all the other little details (Lights, Art Structures, Costumes..etc) you get the best experience known to human existence!  Fire Dancers spend countless hours working on routines and learning new tricks all for the viewing pleasure of the festivals citizens!  All of us at Crunchy Creationz have had the opportunity to attend a festival and witness the impact that the element of fire has at an event!  But…We know not everyone has had this opportunity, so we are going to share the fascinating art of Fire Dancing with you humans that are virgins to the festival scene! Take an inside look at the Fire Dancing, along with some other amazing performances in the second video!!! Stay Crunchy!!!