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Recently I had the chance to meet Peter Helstrom aka (Facing Tomorrow) and decided I needed to give some love out to the Fallen From Silences Record crew!  It’s all about supporting your local music scene, and without peoples local support the movement wont go anywhere!  I recently met Peter at an event in Omaha, and also had the privilege of him mastering one of my tracks and the outcome was amazing!  Hope you guys enjoy the brief interview, and be sure to keep your eyes open for Fallen from Silence Records and Facing Tomorrow!  REMEMBER, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC SCENE!!!!!!

Q: What initially got you interested in the mastering side of music?
A: Since I started producing music, most of the songs get abandoned in small unfinished clips. Most of the time would be spent making it sound as good as possible, and I would run out of ideas before getting very far. After a while, I would have some friends contacting me about helping them out with their tracks, each being amazed with the results.

Q: What is the company you master tracks under?
A: You usually see ‘Mastered by Facing Tomorrow’ or F2M attached to my work, but I also am the mastering engineer for Fallen From Silence Records.

Q: How long have you been mastering peoples work for?
A: I’ve been doing audio mastering for about 3 years now.

Q: What type of equipment do you use when mastering tracks?
A: I have a pair of studio headphones that I’ll use for a majority of the track, and custom studio monitors with a dedicated sub to hear the full range of frequencies. I also will test out the track on a wide variety of different audio systems, ranging from the cheapest ear buds that are about to fall apart, up to high-end car stereos, and even full sized systems popular in clubs.

Q: How long would you typically say it takes you to master a track?
A: The time it takes to master a track varies greatly on the song itself. Some people send me songs that already have an amazing sound, so I can finish the track within a day easily. Others might take 2 or 3 days each. On top of that, once I make a version of the track, I’ll take it and find as many different audio systems to play it on, to make sure that I sounds good for every situation possible.

Q: What is your favorite part about mastering tracks:
A: My favorite part about mastering tracks would have to be opportunity to take a track created by a talented producer, and making it sound as good as it can to fully show of the talent of that artist.

Q: Are you looking to expand your mastering clientele?
A: Yes, until my inbox is overflowing with requests, I’m always looking to help out any talented producers.

Q: What are some tips you have for people trying to get into mastering tracks?
A: Practice. You can watch all the youtube videos in the world, but the best way to improve is to actually find someone to do mastering for. Even though at first you won’t be able to get much from your work, the experience will help you get to that point later down the road. Also, get into an actual studio with a professional audio engineer, and learn all the techniques from the source.

For information on mastering feel free to contact Peter at:

djFacingTomorrow@gmail.com – FallenFromSilenceFecords@gmail.com