Drum and Bass Dead?!

1423942 3001 Drum and Bass Dead?!Recently, we asked the question “Is Drum and Bass Dead?”, and we have finally gotten a response that we were looking for. Check out what “Taylor” had to say about DnB being 6 feet under. “I believe that the old style of Drum n Bass is slowly dieing. However, this only really applies to the traditional “jungle” style and sub genres that are more suited to heavy underground clubs. It is my belief, nor is my belief without reason, that certain sub genres of DnB (such as “Liquid DnB”) are actually becoming more and more popular. I have acredited this to numerous factors such as the rise of MP3 players and iPods, as well as the increasing popularity of Youtube and the home listening. Sub genres such as Liquid DnB are targeted for the home listener of DnB, and are less “heavy” and more melodic. Personally I think that it is wrong to say that DnB as a whole is dieing; I would say that it is evolving. Tracks such as Beautiful Lies by B-Complex are gaining popularity as they do not need to be listened to through 4000 watts of club audio, and are beautiful not just as DnB but are genuinely musically brilliant.” So what do you think, has DnB already come and gone or is it on the rise again? Leave us a comment and let us know how you feel on this topic. Also, be sure and check out Crunchy’s DnD artists DJ Buttah, Embrace One, Kloud9 and BRYE and keep Drum and Bass alive! Enjoy…

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