Connector Presents: “The Beginning of the New World”

Super talented artists DJ Blac (BASSthoven), Bentone (BASSthoven), Spankalicious and many more have all come together on this super dope collab!

“I am full of joy to release this group of friends and bring our music and our visions together. This compilation represents the 3 plus year journey that we have been on while building Connector. I have been blessed to cross paths with most every producer on this compilation, and I am very very grateful for every track submitted. Representing over 14 states, I hope that this compilation can see it’s way through our USA and to some people on the other side of the world. This is the Beginning of the New World. SPREAD the MESSAGE and make sure to tag Connector Presents every time you share. Thanks for the suppport. Much love to all of the contributors! I love all of your music and I want nothing but success in music life for all of us!

Big Ups to Sean McCarthy for the dope artwork! Shout out to the homie MonDope at Killinoize Productions for taking time to tweak and beef the fat!


Enjoy the fresh tracks and don’t be surprised when you see BASSthoven & Spankalicious poppin’ up at Crunchy events all year!!

artworks 000036859231 mrjkw0 t500x500 Connector Presents: The Beginning of the New World