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Category: The Blog Spot

Hypha’s “Whispers”

hypha Hyphas Whispers

Hypha /ˈhīfə/ : a thread that branches from germinated spores into a complicated, radically expanding network of fine tubes which form the structural parts of the body of a fungus, collectively known as the mycelium.

Aptly named Producer / instrumentalist Hypha has branched off from the norm to develop one of the most unique sounds fueling the west coast bass revolution. Hypha has been carefully crafting his skills and contributing to the evolution of modern sound with his specialized blend of synthesized, rhythmic bass poetry since 2008. With his exceptional attention to detail and his ability to make each note count, he’s heralding a new artistic avant-garde.

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hypha whispers ep cover smaller Hyphas Whispers

Hypha comes fully loaded with his newest EP “Whispers”. Embodying full flavored frequencies he drifts us deep into the subterranean realms of thought and glitch hoppin, body beamin, soul quenchin, multi-movement fusion. 50 shades of future bass slither through Whisper’s sounds, a truly savory audio seduction.


Bombs Over Capitals – AN21 & Max Vangeli (HAZ REMIX ft. Rhillz)

HAZ, a.k.a Harrison Varnes, was an unknown producer/sound designer, until now, popping his incubation cherry by dropping this shattering Bombs Over Capitals remix on us! Based out of Brooklyn, HAZ’s sound is impeccably crafted making original Dubstep collaborations with HipHop artists, a refreshing approach to the often over-saturated bass-step arena. And this is only the tip of the iceberg: HAZ gave me a sneak peak of some tunes in his treasure chest and all I can say is this producer is one to keep your ears on!! Wishing him luck on this remix competition, however, songs like this one are far from luck’s reach and nestled serenely in the slap happy syndrome of dope-ville!

avatars 000023547664 kw0rkx crop4 Bombs Over Capitals   AN21 & Max Vangeli (HAZ REMIX ft. Rhillz)
BOMBSOVERCAPITOLS HAZ REMIX46 Bombs Over Capitals   AN21 & Max Vangeli (HAZ REMIX ft. Rhillz)

Grab the high quality download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?8rx555sfb17q8n1

Alex Grey – The Artist of The Universe

Alex Grey is without a doubt the artist of the universe.  His paintings are so intricate and fascinating that you can literally stare at one piece for hours and still not see every little detail.  My favorite pieces by Alex Grey come from his “Sacred Mirrors” series.  “This unique series of 21 life-sized paintings, the Sacred Mirrors, take the viewer on a journey toward their own divine nature by examining, in detail, the body, mind, and spirit. The Sacred Mirrors, present the physical and subtle anatomy of an individual in the context of cosmic, biological and technological evolution. Begun in 1979, the series took a period of ten years to complete. It was during this period that he developed his depictions of the human body that “x-ray” the multiple layers of reality, and reveal the interplay of anatomical and spiritual forces.” (Alex Grey Biography)  Every piece that Alex has created is absolutely beautiful and you need to check them out at his website HERE!

Alex also did the cover for “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” by Rick Strassman, which is a very fascinating book that goes into the depths of our Pineal Gland and its correlation with the soul and spiritual experiences!  If you have not read this book then I highly recommend going out and purchasing it, it truly opens your eyes up to things you never thought possible!

Fire is key at Festivals!

Fire Dancing Peurto Vallarta by fireguy Fire is key at Festivals!
Every show is amazing, but what sets festivals apart from shows? In my opinion it is the extra effort and all the little details that go towards enhancing you “EXPERIENCE”.  Yes…There are some shows that are the exception to this statement, but 9 out of 10 times a festival is always going to be a better experience!  One key component that always enhances my experiences at festivals is the element of FIRE, specifically FIRE DANCING! (more…)