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Flux Pavilion & Doctor P @ Hackney Weekend 2012

Radio 1′s Big Weekend is a music festival run by BBC Radio 1. It is held once a year, in a different location within the United Kingdom each time. It is the biggest free ticketed music event in Europe and always includes a host of new artists. This year the event was held in Hackney, East London, and it took place this past weekend. The lineup was crammed packed with various artists such as Jay-Z, Rhianna, deadmau5, Sean Paul, Nero, Flo Rida, and David Guetta to name a few. Below is the entire hour long set that Flux Pavilion and Doctor P performed at the massive UK festival. The set includes all of their bangers and they managed to sneak a couple new tracks in as well. Insane to watch these two collaborating on the same stage throwin’ it down hard. Check it out and be sure and hit Flux Pavilion and Doctor P up on their Facebook pages and tell them what you thought of their set! Enjoy!Untitled 22 Flux Pavilion & Doctor P @ Hackney Weekend 2012

Electric Forest is around the corner!

All you festival connoisseur’s should already know, but if not then us at Crunchy Creationz will remind you!  Buy your F***ing ticket to Electric Forest so you don’t miss out on the best festival of the summer!  This event takes place in Rothbury, Michigan from June 28th-July 1st and is going to be EPIC to say the least…  You can still purchase your tickets HERE!  The lineup is packed with the best of the best with sets from The String Cheese Incident, Bassnectar, Steve Aoki, Ghostland Observatory, STS9 just to name a few…So please do yourself a favor and buy your tickets and start making camping plans!!!  Have a Crunchtastic day!


STS9 returned to the beautiful Gulf Shores of Alabama for 2012′s Hangout Festival, performing an inspired set of the freshest STS9 tracks as well as some of the bands most classic tunes for the ‘Bama massive. Check out the setlist below and download the entire set start to finish, for FREE at www.1320Records.com. Enjoy!


01 Activation

02 March

03 Simulator

04 Rent

05 Abcees

06 Hidden Hand Hidden Fist

07 20-12

08 Be Nice

09 When the Dust Settles

10 EHM

11 Evasive Maneuvers

12 Moon Socket

13 Scheme

14 Inspire Strikes Back

15 The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature

EDC Las Vegas: The Modernized Music Festival

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas is modernizing the old school music festival theme and putting a more classy spin on the concept. The first thing that caught my attention about EDC is that all the shows do not start until 9pm and go until the sun comes up. It’s cool seeing shows during the day, but the atmosphere at night always seems to be a tad more “Electric”. After a long night of raging you don’t have to go back to a tent, sleep for two hours, and then wake up dripping in sweat because the sun created an unpleasant sauna for you to wake up to. Instead, you can go back to your hotel room, take a shower, hit up the strip, crank the AC in your room, and pull the shades shut so the sunlight doesn’t hurt your eyes and you’re refreshed for the next round of performers. Also, another downfall with traditional festivals is accepting the fact that you’ll be carrying around that unpleasant “Hippie Stench” until you eventually make it back home. EDC guarantees that won’t happen, so that’s why I think that EDC Las Vegas is the one festival that’s gonna blow everything else out of the water this year. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, check out the EDC LAS VEGAS OFFICIAL PAGE and get yourself a taste of a festival with the luxuries fit for a king.
edc2 EDC Las Vegas: The Modernized Music Festival