Buku is Robert Balotsky. Residing in Pittsburgh, PA, Buku is an up and coming electronic music artist. He focuses on producing dubstep and electro with a strong concentration on musicality.

Coming from a classical background, Buku uses his extensive knowledge in music theory to make his tracks musically pleasing to the ear as well as dirty enough to dance to. With his following exponentially growing, more and more listeners are enjoying Buku’s unique studio production.

Not to be mistaken with any other studio-bound musician, Buku’s live show has proven itself to be both electrifying and wonderfully danceable through his use of tension and release. With more people tuning in to his sounds, his Soundcloud page is being visited and listened to more everyday.

Through tens of thousands of plays, thousands of downloads, and his consistent releasing schedule, Buku has people giving him their full attention- with his fan base hanging on to every new song he produces.

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