Bella Photography

I recently came across a photography company based out of Loveland, CO. When I was referred to Bella Photography, I figured that this was just going to be another basic photography company. I figured that the photos would more than likely be legit, and that would be that. As soon as I took the time to check out the company website, I realized that Bella Photography was definitely not your average photography company! This was literally the first time that I was interested by photography. You can feel the vibe and emotions that were going on at that particular time, which I found interesting.
julia pic 300x199 Bella Photography
Once I had to chance to talk with the owner and photographer of Bella Photography, Julia Ninefeldt, I then realized that she was just as interesting as her photos. The ambition and talent that Julia has is remarkable, and I knew right away that I had picked the right company to capture footage at this week’s Butch Clancy show. After the conversation, I found out that her photos are going to be featured on the HSN channel, and that a New York based company has recently contacted her in regards to publishing content for them and also handle their TripVlogger assignments. This goes to show that hard work and passion pays off.

Big ups to Bella Photography and all of us here at Crunchy Creationz are stoked to have the chance to work with such an amazing company!

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