Beats Antique brings more than music!

Beats Antique has always fascinated me! Their music sounds as if someone traveled from the past with this old ancient beat and slammed it together with bass and other futuristic sounds to create this modern masterpiece!  When you are watching them live its almost too much to comprehend because you’re trying to decipher all of these amazing sounds being mixed together all while there is this gorgeous gypsy dancer on stage doing an amazing belly dance routine!  Beats Antique is quite possibly one of the most creative groups I have ever seen/heard!  Their shows have so much more to them then just a group playing great music, they have dancers, props, lights, and an atmosphere that all tie together to help send their shows message!  To get a glimpse of their magical sound click here!  Beats Antique travels to many festivals and locations in order to share their music with as many people as possible, we highly recommend checking them out if they are even remotely close to you, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!  They will be performing at the the Symbiosis Festival in Nixon, NV in a few weeks, but also later in June at the Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, MI.  To check out their full tour schedule then click here!