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Well Groomed


The Man Behind The ‘Stache: The Well Groomed Story

When did you first see him?

Do you remember?

Was it on stage, spinning smokin’ tracks?

Was it in the low-lit, back-room banquette of that posh Vegas place that only you and your inner sanctum know about (…or so you thought)?

Was the sophisticated, mustache-headed man in the super-fly suit crowded by ladies who wanted him and gents who wanted to be him?

Well Groomed is his name, and spreading sweet music-love is his game, as he DJs the world’s hottest tracks while looking damn swank while doing it. A character of one but belonging to all, Well Groomed digs on the jazzy swing of bygone eras, but smartly knows today’s cool cats crave the funkified sounds of EDM (electronic dance music, to you kids new to the scene), and caters to the aural pleasures of EDM lovers across the globe.

Humble Beginnings

Vegas born and bred, the young Master Groomed of the 80s had a childhood as normal as any other, quietly tending his saltwater aquarium, and pruning in the mirror longer than his kid sis, dressing daily in velvety versions of his dad’s leisure suits for school … much to the titillation of his teachers.

(Because even then, Master Groomed had a way with da laydeez.)

Young Master Groomed was smitten with improv jazz at an inopportunely young age: OH, how he loved its nuance and swing (and, how it seemed to magically make women take off their bras in those scrambled movies he “accidentally” found on late-night cable). Natch, the boy wanted to be what any jazz-lovin’, suit-wearing kid wanted to be: a DJ.

But poor Groomed’s start was far from Beiberlicious. His chums didn’t dig on Baker and Davis. His mashups of “My Funny Valentine” and pop-cult faves of the day like “No Scrubs” tanked. His hopes of becoming Vegas’s first teenage res-DJ were dashed faster than Liberace from a brothel. Yet Master Groomed knew he was on the cusp of greatness; what greatness, no one knew.

Dejected by his flopped foray into spinning (and, fast outgrowing those suits), Master Groomed shelved his spinning dreams and decided to wait out puberty. He became known as the local kid with charm and integrity. Mothers adored him. Fathers wished he was theirs. He did his homework. He raked yards. He fed his fish. He had his first kiss. And he waited for some divine intervention to help him become the next big DJ thing.


A Star is Born Grown

Something cosmic happened when Master Groomed hit college. He’d traded his boyhood poly blends for suits sewn to make women swoon. He became a dude so cool, water froze when he looked at it. And in an inexplicably mystical, magical way, this late-bloomer grew so much facial hair of the mustache variety, Magnum, P.I.’s producers banned his upper lip from Hawaii out of respect for Tom Selleck’s ego. With a hair-growing talent unmatched by contemporaries to this day, Master Groomed knew he’d never fit in as an ordinary dude who just happened to have outrageous facial hair (did you see Teen Wolf?). Shedding his old life, he adopted a persona so slick it would for certain catapult his DJing toward the gigs of his dreams.

At least that was the plan.


The Man, The Legend, Today

Today, Master Groomed is Well Groomed, the 60s-inspired, modern-day debonair dude with a head that’s a touchable ‘stache, and a man’s-man lovin’, woman-respecting, aw-shucks disposition that lives to serve EDM fans in Vegas and beyond. You say you’ve seen him? At Vegas’s Pure Nightclub?  He was spinning hot EDM mixes from greats from around the globe? His entire head was in fact a mustache? Women were pawing him? Men wanted a fist bump?

Yepper. That was him. Lucky you.

Well Groomed: The man, the mustache and the mystique. So American, apple pie was his mom’s idea. So sweet he gives candy a happy headache. So talented, EDM begs him to play it. So enlightened, his motto wrote itself just for him: “In life, the best music is often right under your nose.”

… Just like his mustache.





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