Anvil Smith – Back In Time

Anvil Smith is a name that definitely doesn’t “stick” the first couple times hearing it. Maybe not even the first eight. The reason that I remembered Anvil Smith was because I thought I was listening to Pretty Lights the first time that someone smith Anvil Smith   Back In Timeplayed me one of his tracks. After I found out that the man behind the music was Anvil Smith, I knew for certain that this kid was eventually going to BLOW UP! Never before had I heard a sound that was very similar to Pretty Lights, yet super unique at the same time. We will finally get to see what this youngster has to bring to the table, as he will be on tour in the U.S. this upcoming spring (CO Lookout!). His new single “Back In Time” is a super chill, soul-filled track, with mellow vibes throughout. Take a listen to this fresh tune and remember, it’s ANVIL SMITH.